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It's a tough stock market out there when you're on your own. Expensive and dodgy brokers pushing their inventory on you. Wall Street conflicts of interest. Accounting scandals. Pump and dump scams. That feeling of being in the dark about what's really going on. Stocks that blow up.

Any number of hazards can sink you.

To stand a chance in this jungle while you manage the demands of your job and private life, you need someone on the inside working for you. Someone with no conflicts of interest, to uncover the winners and spot the losers.

You need the inside advantage you'll get with my stock market newsletter Brush Up on Stocks. My letter arrives twice a month by email, each typically featuring several new stock ideas plus a concise and timely market overview -- telling you what to expect next and what to do to protect your money and make more.

As a regular market columnist for one of the biggest financial websites in the world, MSN Money, I can bring years of experience and insight to your investment and trading. Insights you will find nowhere else. This is what I do. Dedicated, full time. No conflicts of interest. No distractions. I'm wired in, and I follow the markets every day, full time for a living. I've done this for decades -- I have seasoned experience to share.

Since the 1980s I've written about stocks and markets for the New York Times, the Economist Group, Money magazine and MSN Money. I have a background in business analysis from Columbia Business School, and economic and political analysis from Johns Hopkins University.

Now, you can share what I learn and hopefully profit from it. What's more, you can be sure I'm offering you more than just a theoretical list of potentially winning stocks. Because often, whatever stocks I suggest for you, I'll own, as well. My retirement is riding on this, too.

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What you get

At Up on Stocks, I use many techniques to uncover potentially great companies -- such as analysis of earnings, valuation and insider buying trends. Then I take a closer look at financial strength, earnings quality, filings and news flow, to weed out potential losers and find the winners. I talk with company managers and other investors. I also weigh big-picture economic trends, social trends, and investor sentiment. I typically favor companies where several signals overlap to confirm a trend.

Another inside advantage you'll get with Up on Stocks is that in my daily routine of researching the markets to report on trends, I regularly talk with some of the best money managers, market strategists, economists and stock newsletter writers around. I know what they are thinking. I think independently, but I draw on insights from experts who have proven they have great long-term records. As for the top fund managers who never talk openly about their stocks, like Warren Buffett or George Soros, I know how to peer into their portfolios and watch for significant changes.

For you, the result is an insider look at the market that provides a regular flow of investing and trading ideas in stocks. Your insider advantage from Up on Stocks will arrive every two weeks by email. But good market ideas don't really follow any set schedule, so I also send regular updates when good ideas come up.

Specifically, I focus on uncovered, small- and mid-cap stocks little noticed by the market, often stocks under $5. These offers some of the biggest potential gains, as they catch on with other investors. But for balance, I suggest large-cap household names and dividend plays, exchange traded funds (ETFs) benefitting from sector trends, and short-term swing trades.

Here are more details on the insider advantages that Up on Stocks offers.

Large-cap dividend plays and core holdings

I regularly suggest large-cap household names with strong brands, solid fundamentals and decent valuations, as long-term core holdings. Because these companies run brand-name businesses, they may have a more defendable market position. It will also be easier for you to follow them, and you may feel more comfortable owning or trading them. I highlight stocks that pay decent dividends, because income from stocks is a key part of beating the market.

Stocks under $5

Lots of small-cap stocks are undiscovered, for several reasons. There's little Wall Street analyst coverage now, and many mutual funds can’t own them. Since analysts aren’t digging up details about these companies, powerful underlying trends simply go unnoticed.

I find the best stocks under $5 by detecting market signals in earnings trends, sector trends, valuation, insider activity and financial strength. I also regularly talk with analysts and money managers who follow this end of the market. I interview company management to get a sense of key trends that might move their stocks.

When these stocks go above $5, they attract more attention from analysts and mutual fund managers. So more money can flow into them, benefitting anyone who bought them in advance -- like Up on Stocks subscribers.

Picks of the Pros

In my position as a market columnist I’m in regular contact with the best professional money managers and investors. I’ll share some of their favorite picks in a regular feature called Picks of the Pros.

Picks of the Pros contributors stand apart from the crowd because they run mutual funds or investment newsletters that get the best grades from independent sources like Hulbert Financial Digest, Morningstar and others.

Picks of the Pros participants are not affiliated with Up on Stocks. Typically I chose a single idea from several they like, when I find signals that independently confirm their views.

Swing trades

For traders, I look for stocks that are temporarily out of favor because of a misunderstood news event, distorted press coverage, and other factors which cause temporary order imbalances that may go away shortly. These swing trades are expected to turn profitable in a matter of days or weeks.

Options strategies

I offer simple options strategies that can help you reap additional profits from market trends or stocks.

Big-picture commentary

Up on Stocks offers regular big-picture commentary on key market, economic and sector trends, market sentiment, and the outlook for the prices of important commodities like oil and gold.

Let's do this

To sum up, you know it's a tough market out there, so let me guide you. Let me share commentary to help you build up savings for your retirement, and keep you away from the sharks and the scams.

Up on Stocks content is delivered via regular, informal emails. You won’t get slickly packaged content – just pure straight talk and actionable ideas.

If you don't like what you're getting, you can always cancel for a pro rata refund, as long as you have a one-year subscription. No questions asked. No hard feelings. I'm not out to take advantage. There are already enough people in the market like that.

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One more thing. I hate spam as much as you do, so I will never share or sell your contact information with anyone.